With Tanguy's arrival, we decided to go further and begin biodynamic farming:

  • with the production of our own inputs in order to maintain our biotope balance
  • cultivation of nettle, horsetail, thyme, lavender to create our own herbal tea, concoctions and slurry.
  • the production of biodynamic formulations (500,501,CBMT) (see picture and details below).
  • a hundred sheep grazing to enrich poor soils
  • the application of these preparations at specific times in the year's cycles, according to a lunar and planetary calendar

Horns filled with cow dung that will be buried under the ground during six months. Their content then will nourish the soil so that the vine may draw all its needs (see picture).

It will be the first within the department. Other winemakers who use biodynamic farming methods in the Gard department use “horn manure” of course (also called formulation 500).But they buy it tot specialized dealers. The Castillon Family chose an homemade formulation! 

“We filled horns with cow dung from a farming exploitation in Generac, and we bury them during six months between the two equinox. Then, we dig them up and we use the content (a black mixture full of organic matter).